Zelie Bancroft Crosby

aka Zelie de Lussan Porter


Zelie Bancroft Crosby
Painting of Zelie

In the 1930s while her two children were growing up, Zelie was the proprietor of an interior decoration shop around the corner from her home in Rutherford, New Jersey. After moving to a farm near Flemington, New Jersey, Zelie became well known for the fine Dachshunds she bred under the kennel prefix of "Hihope". She was also a well-known and respected judge of the breed.

She was named "Zelie Bancroft Crosby" at birth, but later her name was changed to "Zelie de Lussan Crosby" in honor of Zelie de Lussan, godmother to Zelie Crosby and a dear friend of Zelie's mother, Josephine. Zelie de Lussan was a famous metropolitan opera singer noted for singing Carmen. When Josephine re-married, Zelie Crosby took on her step-father's name becoming "Zelie de Lussan Porter".

Father: Thomas Gresham Crosby (1880-1932)
Mother: Josephine Florence Buckingham Cable (1879-1942) 

Spouse: Hiram Baldwin Ely, Sr (1896-1987) 



  • 1899

    August 2 - Born in New York City. The only child of Thomas and Josephine (nee Cable) Crosby, whose marriage does not last. 

  • 1908

    July 9 - Her mother marries David Burroughs Griswold Porter in Washington DC.

  • 1917

    August 31 - Marries Hiram Baldwin Ely at West Point, New York.

  • 1919

    March 24 - Daughter Hope Brewster Ely born.

  • 1921

    August 2 - Son Hiram Baldwin Ely, Jr, born.

  • 1962

    February 13 - Dies in Fort Dix, New Jersy, aged 62 years, from a heart condition. 


Zelie Crosby Porter & Hiram B. Ely, Sr. 1917 - A West Point Wedding

August 30, 1917

A West Point Wedding

Last updated: 16 July 2023

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