Sarah "Sade" Humrickhouse



A Central Figure 

Sarah was a central figure in the family for many generations. Not only did she raise her two daughters, she also raised her two granddaughters and played a significant role in the young lives of her two great-granddaughters. 

Sarah's great-granddaughter, Isabelle Johnson spent several summers in her great-grandmother Sarah's home on South Fourth Street in Coshocton, Ohio. As an adult, Isabelle described her great-grandmother as being very short and recalled watching her stand before a mirror putting up her great long hair into a bun, as was the style in the Victorian era.

Sarah's Ancestry 

Twentith century family lore (at least on Isabelle Johnson Huston's side of the family) claimed that Sarah was of Dutch descent and that her maiden name was "van Humrickhousen", but in fact her ancestry was German. I suspect the Humrickhouses "became Dutch" because of the ill feeling towards Germans during WWI and then again with WWII. 

Sarah's grandfather, Peter Homrighausen/ Humrickhouse, was a Revolutionary War soldier who was awarded land in what is now Coshocton County, Ohio, for his service. Peter passed the land grant to his son "Peter Jr. who arrived in Coshocton in 1834. Though he lived in the community for only about 5 years before then dying, he was the patriarch of a family that was among the elite of Coshocton in the mid to late 1800s as leaders in banking and industry. 

"Four of Peter Jr's children married children of the David Johnston family and through these alliances, much of the commerce of this region of Ohio flowed through the hands of these 2 families. The Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum of Coshocton is named for these families."[1] 

Much more information about Sarah will be added in time. This website is a work-in-progress. 

Father: Peter Humrickhouse, Jr. (1783-1839)
Mother: Sarah Shuman (ca1790-1854/57)

Spouse: John G. Stewart (1814-1885) 



  • 1826

    June 1 - Born in Pennsylvania. The 9th of 11 children of Peter and Sarah (nee Shuman) Humrickhouse, Jr. 

  • ~1934

    Her family moves to Coshocton County, Ohio.

  • 1844

    December 24 - Marries John G. Stewart in Coshocton, Ohio.

  • 1845

    November 1 - Daughter Isabella "Belle" born.

  • 1854

    November 27 - Daughter Hariett "Haddie" born.

  • 1874

    November 1 - Daughter Belle dies. Her two young daughters, Lulu and Bessie Ells, are then raised in the Stewart household.

  • 1884

    September - Her husband becomes ill with heart disease. 

  • 1885

    February - The worsening of her husband's health and possibility of his death causes a run on his bank. 

  • 1885

    August 3 - Her husband dies in Coshocton, Ohio, aged 71 years, causing legal and financial issues for the family. 

  • 1891

    January 17 - Granddaughter Bessie marries Ernest Johnson in Sarah's home.

  • 1892

    November 13 - Great-granddaughter Isabelle Johnson is born.

  • ~1895

    Sells large home on Main Street and buys a smaller place on South Fourth Street, Coshocton, which she shares with her daughter Haddie. In the early 1900s, her granddaughter Louise Shepler, Louise's husband James, and their daughter Anna also reside there. 

  • 1901

    February 10 - Granddaughter Bessie dies in Philadelphia, aged 31. 

  • 1906

    January 19 - Dies in Coshocton, Ohio, aged 79 years, of paralysis. Buried in South Lawn Cemetery, Coshocton. 

Newspaper Clippings 

February 20, 1903, from a local Coshocton, Ohio, newspaper when Sarah was 76 years old:
Image of newspaper article which reads: Mrs Sarah H Stewart slipped and fell while sweeping snow from the walk at her home on South Fourth Street Thursday. Her head struck in such a manner as to inflict a severe scalp wound which bled profusely. Fortunately the accident was not otherwise serious.

Stewart residence, Main Street Coshocton
The Stewart Residence, Main Street, corner Fifth Street, Coshocton, Ohio[2] 
A large fenced-in plot of land with a large residence in the center. "It was no play yard for kids."[3]

309 South Fourth Street Coshocton Ohio
309 South Fourth Street, Coshocton, in 2015
This was Sarah's home after she sold her on Main Street home. She owned it outright.

obituary Sarah Humrickhouse Stewart
Coshocton Daily Age, Friday evening January 19, 1906, bottom of front page

Sade Humrickhouse Stewart

Footnotes & Sources 

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