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The Manlius School

Arthur Huston attended The Manlius School, also known as St John's Military Academy, in Manlius, New York, just east of Syracuse. The Manlius School was recognized as one of the top military academies in the country, serving at one time as a feeder school for West Point.[1]

These photos are from 1911 edition of The Haversack, the yearbook of The Manlius School.[2]

Arthur was a Private in Troop "A". He played third base for his troop's baseball team and was a member of Hunt Club, which appears to have been a fox hunting club with hounds.

He was a member of the school's drama club, Punchinello, and appeared in several productions playing the role of a young lady. For Excellence in Dramatics he was made a "Companion" in 1909 and an "Officer" in 1910.

Upper School
From the Campus
Troop A
Battalion Inspecton
Shelter Tent Drill
Baseball Team
Theatre Stars
Arthur in Costume
Mess Line
Troop Mess
Tent Interior


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